Store and payments security

Store security

All communication between you and our server is encrypted using HTTPS. Our servers use TLS implementation, which is currently considered the safest option. Do not be afraid to log on to our store via public Wi-Fi networks - thanks to the encryption, no one can see and read passwords or other sensitive data.

We use a trusted certificate Positive SSL from the trusted international agency Comodo with coverage up to $10 000.

Comodo Positive SSL

Payments security

For processing of all card payments we use GoPay service.

GoPay is a Czech modern, fast Internet payment system with a high level of safety. It offers payments through all popular payment methods on Czech Internet within a single user interface. GoPay ensures a trusted and secure payment environment.

Harmonia Vini has no access to any information from the credit cards that you enter in the GoPay interface when making a payment.

For processing of all Bitcoin payments we use BitcoinPay service.

GoPay     MasterCard     Visa

BitcoinPay     Bitcoin