Privacy Policy and store and payments security

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy statement

RB Harmonia Vini sro, the operator of online store, declares that all personal data is considered to be strictly confidential and is treated in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. and in compliance with the online store General terms and conditions.

RB Harmonia Vini s.r.o. is registered in the Public Register of Personal Data Processing under the number 00058825.

The data we collect

In order to execute a business transaction with you, we need to obtain your name (full name or corporate name, company registration number and contact person respectively), date of birth (for verification of legal age for alcoholic beverages purchase), address (invoice address and, as the case might be, mailing address), telephone number and email address. In addition, we keep a record of all business transactions you have executed with us so far. If you collect an order that you have already paid for online, collect claimed goods or receive a credit note from us, you might be asked to present your ID document (ID card or passport) in order to prevent damage and potential criminal activity. If you refuse to present any of these documents, you might be refused collection of the goods or be refunded the amount due.

Why we collect this data

In order to execute a business transaction with you and deliver the goods to the designated place, we need to contact you and obtain the aforementioned details that you disclosed when you registered with us, whether temporary or permanent. Since this personal data is disclosed for the purposes of executing a respective business transaction with you, you are not required to give your explicit consent thereto.

When registering and ordering goods or services, you may voluntarily and unconditionally give us consent to use your personal data that you provided us to send you RB Harmonia Vini s.r.o. products or services offerings and / or send RB Harmonia Vini s.r.o.'s business partners offerings if you have given us consent with this option.

In case of a contact form, we only store your e-mail address for the sole purpose of answering a query or responding to a complaint and possibly further subsequent communications.

Access to personal data

Once you log in to the online store, you can edit or delete your personal information. Some data can not be edited or deleted because of accounting requirements or other legitimate reasons. In your user profile, you can also revoke previously granted consent to send business messages. In case you want to cancel your registration completely or have it exported in machine-readable format, you can just send an e-mail request to

Consent to providing personal information

RB Harmonia Vini s.r.o. obtains your voluntary consent to the inclusion of the provided data in the company database and further processing of the registrations in our internet shop. If you choose to provide us with personal information (any information that identifies your person), be assured that it will only be used to support you as our customer.

How we use cookies

Information about cookies usage is here.

Store and payments security

Store security

All communication between you and our server is encrypted using HTTPS. Our servers use TLS implementation, which is currently considered the safest option. Do not be afraid to log on to our store via public Wi-Fi networks - thanks to the encryption, no one can see and read passwords or other sensitive data.

We use a trusted certificate Positive SSL from the trusted international agency Comodo with coverage up to $10 000.

Comodo Positive SSL

Payments security

For processing of all card payments we use GoPay service.

GoPay is a Czech modern, fast Internet payment system with a high level of safety. It offers payments through all popular payment methods on Czech Internet within a single user interface. GoPay ensures a trusted and secure payment environment.

Harmonia Vini has no access to any information from the credit cards that you enter in the GoPay interface when making a payment.

For processing of all Bitcoin payments we use BitcoinPay service.

GoPay     MasterCard     Visa

BitcoinPay     Bitcoin